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Galaxy Class Mod Pack v.2.1 (MVAM)
Filename: gcmpv.2.1_final.rar

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148.99 MB
MVAM Infinite, NanoFX2b, MLeo's latest Sub Menu, Elminster's Weapons Pack v.3.6
Ships > Federation > Canon TNG-DS9-VOY

Average User Rating: 9.7
Number of Votes: 96
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Galaxy Class Mod Pack v.2.1 (MVAM) - File Description  

Here is an update to a familiar favorite here on BC FIles, The Galaxy Class Mod Pack v.2.1!

Five years after the GCMPv.1.0 release. This new pack features Eleven ships, the MK: I Galaxy Prototype, Yamato-E, Enterprise-D, Odyssey, Challenger. The MK: II Venture Variant, Magellan & the Trinculo. Along with new additions to the fleet such as the MK: I Galaxy Class U.S.S. Horizon and the Bridge Commander favorites like the MK: I Galaxy Class U.S.S. Dauntless & the MK: II Venture Variant, U.S.S. San Francisco.

The GCMPv.2.1 is a self extracting .exe installer. This pack uses the CEGalaxy and CEVenture by Captain Elgy as a base. These ships, IMHO are the best to use with Galaxy Chart's RDF, RAF & War Simulator functions. The registry's were a homage to Bernd Schneider's Star Trek site Ex Astris Scientia and the Horizon, a salute to the trek fan fiction. Each ship comes with a 'Full' Model, Saucer and Stardrive. The ships in this mod pack has the ability to separate with the use of MVAM 2.0 Infinite (Plugin) scripts.

The Hardpoints were made to give the most canon representation of the Galaxy Class as seen in TNG/ DS9 and VOY. The phasers will show a pre-charge arc on the emitters before phaser discharge. Customized torpedoes were made smaller to so these ships as 'true' Dreadnoughts. Each ship will have (4) Torpedo choices. Each ship has unique hardpoint(s) in shield and power output, a different combination among the Fleet.

Damageable systems that will show are the Main Computer Cores (2) in the Saucer, and (1) in the Stardrive. Replicator Networks in the Full Model, Saucer and Stardrive. Port and Starboard Bussard ram scoops, Anti Matter pods and the 'famed' Ten Forward Lounge. Running lights that were added are only compatible with NanoFX2 (Beta).

The History of each ship was added, some of the info is canon, the rest is just for fun.

Since I was involved with this project...
I'll let you rate it.


* Elminster's Common Weapons Pack v.3.0 (.exe)

* MVAM Infinite v.2.0

* NanoFX2b

* MLeo's Sub Menu v.3.0

Galaxy Class Mod Pack v.2.1 (MVAM) - Screenshots  
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

Galaxy Class Mod Pack v.2.1 (MVAM) - File Download Options  

Primary Download Locations:
Provided by:
Worldwide Mirror by FileFront
usa - USA Central USA Central

Download from Worldwide Mirror by FileFront Download Galaxy Class Mod Pack v.2.1!

Galaxy Class Mod Pack v.2.1 (MVAM) - Readme  
Readme File:
Galaxy Class Mod Pack v.2.1 (MVAM)
.exe Self Installer

* Original Mod: 09/25/2003

* Revised 10/03/2008, 08/17/2009, 08/26/2009

Modding Tool: Paint Shop Pro 7

Modding Time: 10 Months


* Sneaker98's Multi-Vectored Assault Mode (MVAM Infinity v2.0)

* Elminster's Common Weapons Pack v.3.6

* MLeo's Sub Menu Mod v.3 (Or Greater)

Mod Description:

** This is a update to correct the missing GalaxyRefit, Saucer and StardriveRefit.NIF's in the GCMPv2.0 release**

This mod pack will not replace "any" Galaxy mod you may have installed, or the CEGalaxy & CEVenture by Captain Elgy. This mods is compatible with Apollo's Advanced Technologies Pack (ATP). And Sneaker98's Multi-Vectored Assault Mode (MVAM 2.0). Each ship have thier own custom icon along with new scripts written to be compatible with the QB/QBR related mods. So the "sister ships" will show up on your (Federation Ship) selection list. The Special features added to the Galaxy Class and Venture Upgrade are more realistic hardpoints. Showing the Class(s) abilities as related in the TNG/DS9 series. Ex: Port and Starboard Ramscoops, Replicator Networks located threw out the ship. Main Computer Cores, Anti Matter Pods, and the favorite Ten Forward Lounge. The most notable is the canon 'Phaser Precharge Arc(s)' you will see in combat. Also the Phaser Arrays will still function even if portions of it are damaged.

Each ship will have (4) torpedo choice, a different combination among the fleet. Each ship will have custom music when MVAM is activated. Also the phasers have been streamlined from the bulky stock version. Some of the torpedo mod included will have spread capability. Compatible only with (ATP3). Though the mod pack's hp's have been configured for (ATP and ATP3) it is not a requirement to play the ships in game. Out of a choice of Eleven Galaxy Class Starships? I'm sure you will find a favorite.

I choose to use the CEGalaxy to be compatible with mods like Galaxy Charts and DS9FX. When using other versions of the Galaxy Class available for Bridge Commander. They are too "High Poly" and will crash the Quickbattle game when Galaxy Charts used the RDF/RAF feature. The CEGalaxy & Venture variant provides a more balanced medium, and won't overtax your install. (not every one has the latest rigs out there).

Galaxy Torpedo/Phaser Specifications:

* Canon Phaser Pre-Charge Arc(s)*
* Phaser Array adaptability to damage*
* Dual-Vector Assault Mode*

Canon Hardpoints and Subsystems
Ventral Phaser Banks (6)
Dorsal Phaser Banks (6)
Ventral Phaser Strip (1)
Dorsal Phaser Strip (1)
Forward Torpedo Launchers (4)
Aft Torpedo Launchers (2)
Tractor Beams (2) Fore (2) Aft
Improved Firing Arcs
Improved Phaser Alignments (Phaser Bank Glide FX)
Upper Dorsal Phaser Strips Port and Starboard (Venture Upgrade Stardrive Only)

*Compatibility w/ Apollo's Advanced Technologies Pack ATP2/3
*Running Lights compatible with NFX2 Beta
*Compatibility with Sneaker98's MVAM 2.0 Infinity (Plugin Scripts)

*Known Bugs:

The Models were tested using the Bridge Commander 1.1 Patch.
Galaxy Charts v.1.0 & 2.0, DS9FX v.1.1, DS9 Xtended (Beta Version).
If you are using Bridge Commander 1.0, the models will "not" work.

Galaxy Class Fleet:

The History for the Starship Enterprise-D is well documented. I won't insult you
by doing a ship history for 1701-D....

U.S.S. GALAXY * NCC-70367:

Standard Photon Torpedos
Type6 Spread 10 Torpedos
Type9 Torpedos
Type9 Spread 10 Torpedos

The NX Galaxy Prototype was in the experimental production stage for nearly 20 years. From 2344 to 2364. In this production phase the NX Galaxy and her sister ships the U.S.S. Yamato NCC-1305-E and the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D were the first to be launched, as one of the most advanced starships in the fleet. The Galaxy Class has the Ability to 'separate'. This Dual Vectored Assault Mode or (DVAM) was the first to be implemented by Starfleet Research and Development. Normal crew compliment of 1,112 and a maximum capacity of 5,000.

The U.S.S. Galaxy made a name for herself during the Dominion Wars. Launched on Stardate: 35041.38 under the Command of Captain Gregor Mann, Where she was the Command ship for the Galaxy Wing 92. This Fleet fought during the Battle of Chintoka III and the Battle of Deep Space 9. Where half of the Fleet was decimated in a head long confrontation, with Dominion and Cardassian Armadas.

The U.S.S. Galaxy is still in service.

U.S.S. YAMATO * NCC-1305-E:

Standard Photon Torpedos
Type6 Torpedos
Type9 Torpedos
Type9 Spread 10 Torpedos

The Yamato-E is the 6th ship to carry the name of the Original U.S.S. Yamato. Who made a name for herself during the Organian Conflict of 2267. Taking on three Klingon K'lode Class Battlecruisers. Destroying all before reinforcements arrived. The Galaxy Class Yamato-E, commissioned on Stardate: 37183.2 was assigned to Patrol the Federation/Romulan Neutral Zone in 2359. Durning a mission to Diawa and Icoba, The Yamato encountered an archaeological artifact that led her commander, Captain Donald Varley to hunt for the Iconian Homeworld. An Ancient and powerful Empire which was destroyed by her subjugated races. Communications between Starfleet and the Yamato-E was intercepted by the Romulan Imperial Warbird Harkonnan.

When the Yamato finally discovered the Iconian Homeworld, she was probed by an ' Orb ' launched from the Planet's surface. The Yamato-E began to suffer catastrophic system failures. The Enterprise-D responded to the Yamato-E's distress call. Only to see her sister ship destroyed by a warp core breech. Caused by the Iconian probe, that infected her systems with a computer virus. This Virus also infected the Enterprise-D, when she examined the Yamato's mission logs. As well as the Romulan Warbird that was spying on both ships.

U.S.S. ODYSSEY * NCC- 71832:

Standard Photon Torpedos
Type 1 Quantum Torpedos
Type6 Spread 3 Torpedos
Type6 Spread 10 Torpedos

The Odyssey was involved in first battle with Jem'Hadar Forces. Sent into the Gamma Quadrant to hunt for the missing Cmdr. Benjamin Sisko being held by the Jem'Hadar. The Odyssey under the command of Captain Walter Keogh lead a tactical squad including the Danube MK II Runabouts Mekong, Ganges joined by the Rio Grande. The Odyssey suffered massive damage at the hands of three Jem'Hadar Attack Fighters. Using 'Phased Poleron' beams, which rendered normal shields useless. With her port nacelle heavily damaged, and fires on all decks. The Odyssey called for a general retreat, back to the wormhole. In that moment a Jem'Hadar Attack Fighter made a suicide run at the Odyssey's Deflector Array. Damaging decks 15-42, rupturing the Anti Matter Containment pods - breeching the Warp Core. A catastrophic core breech destroyed the Odyssey with All hands. This event was the preamble to the Dominion Wars.

U.S.S. VENTURE * NCC-71854:

Standard Quantum Torpedos
Standard Photon Torpedos

Commissioned on Stardate: 50857.96 at Antares Shipyards. Commanded by Captain Charles Brandt, The Venture was assigned to patrol the Federation/Cardassian Neutral Zone. The Venture made a name for herself during the Dominion Wars. The Venture was involved in several schermishes in the brief conflict with the Klingons. The Venture was responsible for securing the Denorious Belt. Also liberating the Bajoran System and the Deep Space Nine Station. The Venture fought in the Siege of AR-558, the Battle of Procyon, The Battle of Vulcan, The Battle of Betazed and the Battle of Cardassia Prime. Well known in the Fleet. The Starship Venture besides the Enterprise-E is one of the first ships any Starfleet Academy Graduate will apply for posting.


Standard Photon Torpedos
Quantum Torpedos
Type 6 Spread 3 Torpedos
Type 6 Spread 10 Torpedos

This Galaxy Class starship has been launched from Utopia Planicia Shipyard in 2365 and has joined the Seventh Fleet under the command of Captain Leland Bell. Her early mission were mainly routine often called "milk runs". The Dauntless received her first unit citation when it defended a disputed area against a flight of Romulan Warbirds and held the area long enough for Starfleet reinforcement to arrive. During the unsettled period that followed, the ship was assigned numerous scouting and reconnaissance missions that earned her the name "The Seeing Eye".

In 2372, the Dauntless returned to spacedock for refits and upgrades. By 2372, Captain Bell retired and Captain Robert Wright assumed command of the ship. She fought together with the Seventh Fleet in the Dominion War, including the battles for Deep Space 9, Goralis and the final assault on Cardassia Prime. The Dauntless earned her second unit citation at the battle of Tyra where she teamed with the USS Lionheart in defense of two severely damaged Akira Class starships from a large force of Cardassian warships. Dauntless earned her third unit citation by fighting with bravery and distinction at the battle of Cardassia Prime, where, badly damaged herself, she defended the Federation flagship and successfully fought of four Cardassian kamikaze attacks against it.

After the end of the war, Dauntless returned to normal duties. She was then stationed at Starbase 12 and assigned to the Maelstrom. The Dauntless was then sent to investigate the unusual solar activity from the Vesuvi system's star that had been hampering the colonization efforts at the Draegos colony. In order to further investigate the solar activity, Captain Wright took the shuttlecraft Icarus II to the Vesuvi IV Terraforming Station, the system's only outpost in the region. En route, the Vesuvi star destabilized and went supernova, releasing a deadly blast that damaged the Dauntless, destroying the shuttlecraft, killing Captain Wright and destroying the much of Vesuvi star system. Only the Haven (Vesuvi VI) and Geki (Vesuvi V) colonies survived, though severely damaged.

With it's systems badly damaged, the Dauntless had laid in a course for Starbase 12 for emergency repairs. With repairs completed at the Soho station a few months later, the first officer was promoted to captain and given command. The first mission was to resupply the Haven and Geki colonies in the Maelstrom. Other assignments included the protection of the starship Sovereign in the Tevron system from Romulan warbirds, investigating Ferengi smugglers and protecting Biranu Station from attack by rogue Cardassian forces.

The Dauntless crew was later transferred to the Sovereign and Captain Jae Yi was given command of the Dauntless. While escorting the Federation transport SS Adams near Serris III, the Dauntless was attacked by a fleet of Cardassian ships under the command of Legate Matan. Though crippled beyond repair, it survived and limped to Serris I. The crew was rescued by the USS Nightingale. Unfortunately, the damage was very serious and the ship was destroyed in orbit around planet of Serris I after the hull destabilized and collapsed.


Standard Photon Torpedos
Type 1 Quantum Torpedos
Type 6 Spread 3 Torpedos
Type 6 Spread 10 Torpedos

The Challenger was first seen in the Voyager 5th season episode "Timeless", Commanded by Captain Geordi LaForge. There is no canon reference to this ship beyond a alternate timeline where the Challenger was assigned to track down Chakotay and Harry Kim in the aged Delta Flyer. Because they stole Borg tech from Starfleet Research and Development. In order to change the timeline. And prevent a disaster that caused the U.S.S. Voyager to crash land on a barren Ice moon. With the loss of all hands on board. Just on the outer edge of the Alpha Quadrant. When she tried to utilize alien Transwarp technology. The Voyager was saved and the Timeline changed. Did Geordi ever get command of the Starship Challenger?

Hope springs eternal...

U.S.S. MAGELLAN * NCC-71519:

Standard Photon Torpedos
Type 1 Quantum Torpedos
Type6 Spread 3 Torpedos
Type6 Spread 10 Torpedos

Commanded by Captain David Giordano. The Starship Magellan served most of her duty as an Explorer. On Stardate: 42139.06 The Magellan embarked on a four year mission to explore the Beta Quadrant. On Stardate: 49003.18 the Magellan lost contact with the outermost Starfleet comm marker. Unaware that the Klingon and Federation were at War. The Magellan headed towards the Klingon marker, to triangulate her position. Upon breeching the Neutral Zone the Magellan was attacked by six Klingon Bird of Preys and a Vor'cha Class Battlecruiser. The Magellan escaped destruction only because her First Officer Commander K'ran was a Klingon Exchange Officer. Being a Son of a prominent High Council Member K'Tal. The Starship Magellan was 'allowed' to return to Federation Space. Disgraced by the Empire's dishonorable actions, Commander K'ran renounced his Klingon Defense Force commission and joined Starfleet. Where he serves as Executive Officer on board the Starship Magellan to this day.

The Magellan made a name for herself during the brief Klingon conflict by defending Starbase: 281. Where Cardassian refugees were gathering, escaping the liberated Demilitarized Zone. During the Dominion Wars, the Magellan fought to protect Klingon Colonies from the Cardassians. She also fought at the Battle of Procyon, the Battle of Andoria, The Liberation of DS9, and the Battle of Chintoka III where she was heavily damaged. The Starship Magellan returned to her duties as an Explorer after the Dominion Wars.

U.S.S. TRINCULO * NCC-71867:

Standard Photon Torpedos
Type9 Torpedos
Type6 Spread 3 Torpedos
Type6 Spread 10 Torpedos

Commanded by the Vulcan Captain S'Var, who is half Human. The Trinculo is a starship mostly manned by Vulcans, accounting for 2/3 rds of the total crew population of 1,112. The Trinculo is assigned to defend the Federation/Romulan border.

Unknown to Captain S'Var, his estranged wife Dr. Kathlyn Stewart was assigned to the Trinculo as the Ship's Chief Medical Officer. S'Var had not seen her in ten years. To his surprise His wife's family accompanied her onboard. With her 9 year old twins Aiden & Alya. Though S'Var was always dedicated to Starfleet. Never having time for a family, He was annoyed that Kathlyn did not tell him about the Twins. She wanted the Twins to be raised as Humans. Knowing the problems S'Var had in being torn between two cultures.

On Stardate: 42234.06 the Trinculo encountered a random wormhole that flung the ship 10,000 light years into Romulan Space. Listed as "Missing in Space". The damaged Trinculo had to fight her way back to Federation space. When the Romulans discovered one of the most advanced Federation Starships so deep within their domain. It was considered a valuable 'prize' by the Romulan Imperial Senate and the infamous Tal'Shair. The Romulan Government feared the information the Trinculo could amass intelligence on the state of unrest in the Empire. The Starship Trinculo under the Command of Captain S'Var, eluded the best of the Imperial Romulan Fleet. Enduring heavy damage on her relentless Quest to return Home.

With no support facilities, the Trinculo was aided by sympathetic Romulan Colonies and subjugated Alien races under Imperial Romulan rule.

On Stardate: 44580.12 Chief Medical Officer Kathlyn Stewart discovered a security breech in the Crew's Medical Database. This incident was reported to Security Chief Sovak. At this time the Romulans always was one step ahead of the Trinculo.

On Stardate: 44999.2 the Romulans ambushed the Trinculo at D'era Prime. The ship was cripped and boarded by the Tal'Shiar. Damaged the Trinculo was tractored to the nearest Tal'Shiar facility. When the Romulan Military intercept the Tal'Shiar en route. It was discovered that Lt. Sovak was the Tal'Shiar Operative was onboard the Trinculo, disguised to look Vulcan. Lt. Sovak took Dr. Stewart hostage but escaped, when Captain S'var engaged Sovak in a violent fight In Main Engineering. As the Trinculo's Marines toke back the ship. Escaping from the Tal'Shiar facility. The Trinculo's defiance of the mighty Romulan Star Empire, cause many subjugated worlds to rise in revolt. As rumors about unrest in the Romulan Empire began to filter threw out the Alpha Quadrant. During this time S'Var and Kathlyn reconciled their differences. Though rumors of a Federation Starship fighting her way, out of Romulan space reached Starfleet Intelligence. The Romulan Government denied any knowledge of this report. During this time, the Humans onboard call the "Time of Hell".

With Sub Commander Sovak's assistance, the Romulans were able to inflict massive damage to the Trinculo's port nacelle manifold, which was never fully repaired. Any source to repair the damage was watched by the Romulans. From that point forward, the Trinculo had a price on her head. A favorite of mercenaries, hired by the Tal S'hiar. Like the Orion Pirates and rogue elements. While S'Var relationship with his son Aiden was strained. Alya was close to her father, a kindred spirit. Alya applied to be trained as a Starfleet Officer. Advancing to 2nd Helmsman. Aiden joined the Marine Corps, much too his father's dismay. Wanting his son to follow in his footsteps.

On Stardate: 50992.01 the Trinculo breeched the Neutral Zone with two Romulan Warbirds in hot pursuit. The Trinculo's Port nacelle manifolds exploded in mid combat. Taking multiple hits from the Warbirds, the Nebula Class U.S.S. Farragut and Excelsior Class U.S.S. Berlin responded to the Trinculo's distress call. One of the Warbirds was lead by Sub Commander Sovak. The Trinculo was able to unicciate a saucer separation, Starfleet forces out numbered the Romulans 2 to 1. With Sovak's Warbird destroyed by the Trinculo's Stardrive. The remaining Warbird retreated back to Romulan Space. back in federation space, S'Var reflects on the lives lost on Trinculo. Even though 1,024 of the crew survived out of the original 1,112.

The Trinculo escorted by the Starships Farragut and Berlin, returned to Sector: 0001 to a Hero's welcome by Starfleet Command. And a much needed retro-fit. Orbiting the Earth's Alpha One's Docking facility. The Trinculo scans of the inner sectors of Romulan space during her ordeal were invaluable. Providing a insight into the Romulan Infrastructure and the political/social climate. This information was the one thing the Romulan Senate or the Tal'Shiar did not want revealed to the Major Alpha Quadrant powers. The Starship Trinculo served as the Command ship in the liberating force in the Battle of Betazed. The Starship Trinculo was apart of the unprecedented alliance between the Federation/Klingon/Romulan task force in the Battle of Cardassia Prime.

For her exploits deep within the Romulan Star Empire, the Starship Trinculo has earned the nickname "The Praetor's Bane".


Photon Torpedos
Quantum Torpedos
Type 6 Torpedos
Type 6 Spread 3 Torpedos

Commanded by Captain Eina Zeiss. This ship was assigned to hold the front lines at Arturus III when the Cardassian launched a surprise offensive. The San Francisco subsequently participated in the defense of Savoy Station during a Cardassian attack.It was stationed near Starbase 12 when the Sovereign was tasked with destroying a number of Cardassian posts. The San Francisco was later allocated to a task force headed by the Sovereign to locate and destroy the Kessok sunbusters and participated in First Contact with the Kessok. The San Francisco is now on a "First Contact "Mission near the borders of the Beta Quadrant and the Delta Quadrant. On the sighting of Hirogin Ships in the region. First encountered by the Starship Voyager, Captian Kathryn Janeway made a tentative truce with the Hirogin. With the exchange of Federation technology (Holo Tech). The temperament of the Hirogin must be established to insure the safety of Alpha Quadrant civilizations unaware of them and even the existence of the Federation.

U.S.S. HORIZON * NCC-75742:

Standard Photon Torpedos
Type 2 Quantum Torpedos
Type 9 Torpedos
Type 9 Spread 10 Torpedos

The Stardate: 60356.72. Captain Thomas Fletcher, Dominion War veteran is appointed to the Galaxy Class U.S.S. Horizon. Federation is enjoying one of the longest moments of peace and tranquility in the second half of 24th century. Starfleet is busy sending numerous expeditions devoted to exploration and colonization.

Suddenly, Romulan Empire breaks a decade long period of silence. Top-level negotiations begin. They effect in ( among other things )- initiation of an exchange program between Starfleet and Romulan Navy. However, for former opponents lack of trust is hard to overcome. Some of the members of the Federation highest echelons state that Romulans are in fact preparing an all-out war and insist on expanding military budget. Romulan officer Ke’Vel, son of the prominent member of Imperial Senate, is assigned to U.S.S. Horizon- to insure the interests of the Romulan Empire.

Starfleet gives Captain Thomas Fletcher a remarkably simple mission - exploration of the Hesper system and its pre-warp civilization. One of the minor skirmishes during the Dominion War took place in that system. But shadows of the past are very deep… and things which lurk in them stand for everything Federation was happy to forget about.

** U.S.S Horizon background story and registry comes from a cool Polish fan film site http://sthorizon.com/

When I saw this YouTube clip, I really wanted this ship in my fleet. Thankfully, I had the means of reproducing it...

(copy & paste the link below...)


((This is my Homage to the Star Trek: Horizon's team & their efforts.))

Modding Credits

* Original Mesh and Textures/Modified SNS Galaxy/ Knox1711 aka Rick Knox/ c2x

* CE Galaxy and Venture Variant Model/Mesh w/ Ship Icons: Captain Elgy/LC Amaral

* Type 6/Type9 Torpedo Variant/ BlackElmTorpedo Pack/ Galaxy and Venture Upgrade
Hardpoints: Elminster (Who never says "No" to a cool HP ideal) ;-)

* Original Type 6/ 9 Torpedos: c2x

* GCMPv2.1 Installer Graphics Spread: c2x/ Blackrook32

* Model Registry Retexture/Conversion Scripting/Mod Packaging to exe: BlackRook32

* EnterpriseMvam: "Arsenal Of Freedom" (Enterprise-D Separates)
Star Trek: The Next Generation

Copyrights and Permissions:


Star Trek, Star Trek: Bridge Commander, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise and all related sounds and images from the various productions are the sole copyright of Paramount Pictures. No infringement is intended. This is a "Freeware" Mod and it and it's content NOT to be sold or distributed for sale in ANY shape, form
or manner. I'm NOT making a profit off of this, NEITHER SHOULD YOU!!

Please "Ask" for permission if you plan to host this Mod other than it's place of Download origin. The Author(s) reserve the Right of "Final Approval" of any Public Release of this Mod. The Author(s) are not responsible for any damage occurred while or during the installation of this mod. Or for the loss of any data on your PC. * * USE AT YOUR OWN RISK * *

If you gain permission from The Author(s) to use this mod? Please include a copy of this readme in your Modification. However,
You are not to use the "Entire" Mod pack as a whole or any Graphics within the installer. Last- but not least, Please Credit the works above in your own readme.

Give Credit where credit is due. . . It's only Polite.

* * Mod Projects W.I.P.* * (BlackElm Productions)

* New Orleans Class Mod Pack v.2

* Prometheus Class Mod Pack v.1.1

* Nebula Class Mod Pack v.1.1 (Generational Tech)

* Akira Class Mod Pack v.2.1 (Generational Tech)

* ST: TNG 3rd-7th Season Uniforms TC v.2

* ST: DS9/Voyager Uniforms TC v.2

* Bajoran Militia w/Bridge Total Conversion v.1.2


* Special Thanks to... Captain Elgy ((thanks Glenn))

((Special 'Shout Out 'to MadJohn & c2x who helped me with this mod in her "many" incarnations back in 2005/06.- Cheers!))

* To the Guys beta testing the GCMP 2 - Elmimster, USS_Sovereign, USS_Frontier, MayhemUK, Rob_Archer, Starforce 2, Commander_One, Cordanilus, Jb06, Captain_Russell & Lexington1709

Thanks to the BC Community for your support with past projects....

Just install in the game, start it up and Rock On!!


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 Expand#10 - ** Alternative Link & Patch ** - Posted by: BlackRook32 (Staff) - 08-29-2009 at 07:01

 Expand#11 - You do fine work - Posted by: logicisonlythebeginning (Member) - 09-12-2009 at 09:56

 Expand#12 - Posted by: iamthewindrider (Member) - 09-12-2009 at 14:10

 Expand#13 - Help - Posted by: Driver_115 (Member) - 10-09-2009 at 22:55

 Expand#14 - Galaxy - Posted by: sire01a (Member) - 07-20-2014 at 03:08

 Expand#15 - @#14 - Posted by: BlackRook32 (Staff) - 07-31-2014 at 01:05

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